Case Study Fleet Management Software

A team of 5 fleet management assistants under the leading of the fleet manager are coping with capability issues due to high workload. This mainly because Liebherr runs a 50 vehicle strong pool car park in order to facilitate the many moves between the different surround locations. On top of that a 4.000 vehicle strong fleet under a number of different sub-organizations are managed from the HQ location in Kirchdorf.


Specialties of this operations include 39.000 active users, because of the desired access to pool cars need being managed to allow access to the pool car service. Moreover does the company holds a stock of 32.000 tires including customized rim + Tyre pressure sensor systems for mandatory summer/winter changes and subsequently runs a German-wide all vehicles 24h Tyre replacement service.  

  • Pool Car Planner with fully bi-directional interface to a key safe system from deister electronics in order to register pool car requests, pool car scheduling, -allocations and request approval notifications, automated distribution of vehicle keys and documents, vehicle return management including form based check-ins and validation engine for time specific events. 
  • Intranet interface connection for implementing the pool car request form into the company intranet to provide access to this functionality beyind the core fleet management team.
  • Interface to client Active Directory in order to exchange data on 39.000 employees to enable pool car requests over the intranet.
  • Driving license check with reports on invalidity dates, driving restrictions and fine management.
  • Driver's log (triplog) according German tax legislation requirements.
  • Pass-through of 'fleet costs' to sub-divisions. (Central body carries out fleet management activities for the entire company and calculates a service fee based on various parameters to these internal divisions.) Multi-hierarchy structure 
  • Asset (asset-to-asset) management of 32.000 tyre+rim+tyre pressure sensor systems by the software and enabling ease of use at mandatory